the olive leaf* - a simple asterisk: a shape that is organic and floral in nature, but is also a symbol used to indicate important significance or information. the olive leaf* was also the sign of new life and land delivered to Noah by a dove in the Christian Scriptures. We draw inspiration from this story of new life and hope and desire that the olive leaf* would bring this same life and hope to our community.

We believe that beauty is important for the flourishing of all people, and that flowers have the ability to bring joy and provide relief into the everyday lives in this bustling city. Our Floral Ambassadors use the highest quality, handpicked floral elements to craft unique arrangements, designed to deliver a special message to the ones you love. We use high-quality flowers and plants in our bouquets and floral combo products.

We are a floral business and social enterprise under Christian Action, a longstanding NGO that seeks to serve the unserved in Hong Kong and China. As an extension of our parent organisation, our business model employs individuals from low-income communities, and we leverage our floral arrangements and services as a way to improve the quality of life and care in our community.